New post in UMD's Geograffiti newsletter

Nice little write up about the AGILE conference in this semester's department newsletter. In May of this year, CGIS Professor Grant McKenzie attended AGILE 2017, the 20th annual international conference on Geographic Information Science put together by the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe. This year’s theme was Societal Geo-Innovation and took place at the University of Wageningen in The Netherlands. Wageningen is a historic town in the center of the Netherlands, 1.5 hours by train southeast of Amsterdam, on the north bank of the Nederrijn river. The University and Research Centre is a top Dutch research institution focused primarily on life and social sciences and has one of the leading Geoinformatics programs in Europe. Dr. McKenzie was invited to presented his research paper on the “Effect of Regional Variation and Resolution on Geosocial Thematic Signatures for Points of Interest” co-authored with Krzysztof Janowicz from the University of California, Santa Barbara.